Channels Opened

There are so many types of energy healing in this world. All are wonderful if the healing is placed in the right hands and with the right intentions. For me, there truly is only reiki. It has shown itself to be a method of healing that is pure and yet, receptive to combining with a person’s natural talents. I have always been blessed with strong premonition skills and reiki has integrated itself in such a way as to keep everything balanced and pure. If there is doubt or hesitation, it is immediately resolved by using reiki and “seeing” the outcome prior to it happening. If someone has a question about something, reiki offers a solution. But the difference between reiki and some other energy healing methods is that reiki wants you to learn how to heal yourself. It is a gift from the higher source who desires everyone to be independent and strong, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and physically. We as Reiki Practitioners and Masters are here to guide and help in this, but we are not in control of the person or the energy. This lack of control is what makes reiki so fascinating for me and the reason why I am soon to be a Reiki Master who will always strive to learn more and more until the end of my time here, on Earth.

I am not sure I mentioned this before, but I have serious medical condition that reiki has helped to keep at bay. Before I began reiki, I was getting painful injections every three to four weeks to keep even more painful symptoms minimized, if not at bay. There were times when I could not get out of bed or walk without excruciating pain coursing throughout my body. I would have pericarditis and have to take expensive medicine and go to the cardiologist to double check everything. The worse thing about the condition was that there was and is not a marker to warn me if and when pain would occur. I could be sitting at work and all of a sudden, my entire frame would feel as if knives were being inserted and my heart would feel as if it was about to explode. I would need days, if not weeks of rest and sleep because the pain was so intense, being awake was not an option for me. My specialist in San Diego and I both were doing everything possible to decrease and eliminate the symptoms with the injections, change of diet, more rest, less stress (which was a trigger) and though there were peaceful times, it always came back. Then I woke up with a voice in my head to learn reiki. It has been the best complementary medicine to my western medical routine.

As I progressed in the practice, I reiki’d myself every day and especially whenever I was in pain or feeling stressed. It has placed my body in a constant state of relaxation and healing to the point where the reiki automatically turns on whenever it senses a need for me in every situation. It is like a close friend or a twin who knows what you need before you verbalize it. Now, I have pushed my treatments out to every six week and I think I can go to eight soon. I have begun working out at the gym again and though I am not where I once was, I am at least able to do enough to feel and look like someone in shape. I want to be clear that reiki won’t cure an illness. My medical condition is still with me and the symptoms come intermittently. But, reiki has opened up a channel of healing to which my mind, body, and spirit are receptive and active. Can you imagine moving through life and in this world with inner peace and the ability to know where your illness is located in your body and how it can be healed? This is possible with reiki and I wish it for everyone. To be able to build up your own spirit to the point where you can connect to a higher source to make you healthier is how we all should live our lives.

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