Appreciate and love the qualities of being HIGHLY SENSITIVE!

Are you highly sensitive, then you probably have a highly sensitive inner critic inside you. You surely know him very well because he keeps whispering into your ear that you

are not good enough

are not strong enough

are too emotional

are not tough enough

are not equal with others.

This particularly refers to us women, as for a long time it has been suggested that we are ‘the weaker sex’. Generations of women before us had to live with this stigma, but we are the ones who have had enough, and we can at last get rid of it.

But the fact is that many women rebel against their highly sensitive natures, instead of standing by them and appreciating them. They prefer taking on masculine patterns of acting hard, rather than living their feminine-sensitive attributes in a positive and constructive way.

Learning to appreciate and love the qualities of being highly sensitive

After all, how can we awaken our power and strength, if we deny important aspects of ourselves? Why do we want to waste our time and energy fighting against our sensitivity with ‘masculine determination’?

The first step to encounter and silence our inner critic is to find out where our restrictive belief patterns come from. Then we should watch which emotions they trigger off in ourselves, and how we normally react.

Once we have recognized this, we should take the next step of stopping to fight the inner critic. As soon as we realise that self-condemnation, feelings of guilt and self-reproach are useless, we can stand up for our sensitivity. Let’s concentrate on the many positive aspects our being highly sensitive provides, and let’s use it constructively. Mankind needs it and us! Today more than ever.

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