I am a woman on fire for change! And it starts with me…

I have a passion to help people embrace change. Why? I was always afraid to do anything on my own, to express myself and become my own person. I was fearful to speak in public, fearful to try new things, fearful to be self-sufficient…even though I was a successful business owner. But within the last few years, after starving myself for love and affection and trying different diets to look like the rest of the so-called beautiful people, I left home and ventured out in the world. I gave up a beautiful home that did not fulfill me. I left behind people whose negative behaviors wore me down. I live in a apartment now filled with the blessings of each moment. And, I am happy. I am not rich in luxuries but wealthy in new-found friendships and friends that continue to be supportive.

I have worn many career hats and each of them has helped me on my journey toward resiliency and optimal health. But what has helped me most is being quiet and listening to my “sounds of silence.” For too long, I had insomnia, digestive disorders, and issues with my own self-esteem. I suffered from tremendous depression and migraine headaches.

In my journey, I have discovered a more healthy way of eating that does not cause my blood sugar to spike and drop. I am enjoying restful sleep (no more sleeping pills) and I have learned that I am so awesomely resilient. I have seen myself explore options, expand my horizons, and evolve into a dynamic power-house with a voice that is anxious to be heard. I am a Woman on Fire! What’s your story?

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