5 Steps to Easier Decision Making

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Decision making! Our lives are filled with decisions, with everything from choosing dinner from a three-page menu to getting married or quitting a job! Think of the past month of your life. What decisions were you faced with? What decisions did you find difficult? Or, what decisions have you been avoiding because you just feel stuck, or you are afraid of the outcome.

What I have found in my practice with clients, as well as personal experience, is that making our personal choices is not as straight forward as we might like! We are bombarded by the opinions and expectations of others. Our family’s expectations are ever hovering, giving us the sense that we would be “letting them down” to choose something other than their preference. Our friends each tell us to choose what they would, despite our lives and hopes being different than theirs. Society or our community exercise a subtle power over our choices, with our fear of being an outsider in our particular circle.

So, we often go through life fulfilling the wishes and hopes of those around us, while ignoring our own desires. We may stay stuck, making no decision at all, or worse, making a decision based on another’s wishes.

Wouldn’t it be nice to free yourself of all of that and, decide for yourself, what YOU want? To be clear of all of the noise from the outside and hear your own voice? You can. You can begin today to give yourself the opportunity to make your own choices that will bring you more happiness in your life, as you live authentically.

Here are a few tools to help you get started on the path to finding clarity and choosing what is right for YOU.

1- FIND TIME TO MEDITATE – Choosing to take quiet time and to INTENTIONALLY FOCUS on your decision, allowing yourself to feel the reaction in your body as you imagine each option. This will give you an enormous amount of information!
2- WRITE IT DOWN –  Right down the pros and cons, but then, get out of your head and write down your feelings about the choices and options before you. Journaling can have a magical way of revealing your inner thoughts and true desires!
3- UNDERSTAND WHERE OTHER’S ADVICE IS COMING FROM – Everyone is on their own path. When someone tells you what you “should” do, they may be talking about themselves. Other’s may be projecting their unfulfilled wishes onto you, or may honestly have life experience that can guide you. Take time to examine where the message is coming from, and what the motive might be.
4 – DON’T SWEAT THE SMALL STUFF! – What’s for dinner? What to wear? Buy this or that? Sometimes we get into such a stuck stupor that even the smallest of decisions is a challenge. The small stuff has lots of chances for do-overs. Just let that stuff go! Go with your first choice. Then relax and enjoy it.
5 – TRUST YOUR INTUITION – This is listed last but is most important! Deep down, you KNOW your own answers, but all the other stuff mentioned earlier gets in your way. If you can get to know your own mind and feelings you are well on your way to letting go of the anxiety and worry that comes with making decisions. Using the tools above will help you hone in on your intuitive powers.
Whether it’s a “big” decision or a “small” one, you can find your way to comfortably make choices without second guessing and worry, if you take time to listen to your own voice!

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