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What is holding me back from losing weight? I know I need to but I’m an emotional eater and cannot stop.

Dear Feeling Stuck

It literally feels as though the weight of the world is upon your shoulders.

You definitely feel more than others; witness more than others, and with that comes a lot of baggage.

It’s as if you are attempting to hide the weight of the world’s worries through your eating.

This of course only serves to compound the matter as it directly affects you in a micro – macro way.

One could also say that you are somewhat of an empath: a person who experiences a greater or heightened sense of external emotional energies, feelings, pressures, etc.

You may not be able to solve all of the worlds problems, however, you can start by committing to resolving them for yourself.

While food is a carnal pleasure, it should never be utilized as either a weapon or a shield.

In the former it resembles famine, starvation, and greed, while in the latter it presents itself as perceived security, protection, or invisibility.

You can’t hide from your problems or those of the world, however, you can take active steps and make healthy choices to bring about a more happy and balanced you.


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