Get Clear on Who You Really Are & Create the Life You Came to Live

You hear the word ‘manifesting’ all the time, but what does it really mean? It means creating exactly what you want for your life, and women are highly attuned to creating, but that’s not what we’ve been taught to believe.

For centuries, we’ve lived in a culture that values bold, penetrating, task-oriented masculine energy, and completely disregards sensitive, receptive, creatively focused feminine energy.

And yet, that’s precisely where feminine spiritual power is sourced.

Let’s start with what feminine energy is: it’s creativity and artistry; it’s clairvoyance, clairsentience, clairaudience, and claircognizance – in other words, seeing, feeling, hearing, and receiving Divine Guidance; it’s divination using a variety of tools; it’s alignment with elements, crystals, herbs, oils, and other earthy things; it’s cycles, and rhythms, and flow; it’s sensitivity, empathy, and emotions; it’s intuition; it’s healing ability; it’s dreams and imagination; it’s energy movement.

Have you ever been told you’re too sensitive or too emotional? Perhaps you’ve been told to stop daydreaming or to get your head out of the clouds. Maybe someone told you you’re too soft-hearted, or that thinking you hear, see, or feel Divine messages is a bunch of nonsense. I’ll be you’ve had lots of things chocked up to PMS! And, you’ve probably been told to “calm down” or “not be upset.”

Here’s the thing: women are receptive to all kinds of energy, and we’re deeply affected by it. It’s a natural state that we’ve been conditioned to believe is wrong ~ that something is the matter with us because we feel things so deeply. And because we know things. Think about it: how often have you heard ‘women’s intuition’ belittled.

So what if everything you’ve been taught about all of this is wrong?

Energy is affecting you in every moment (it affects all human beings, but women are especially receptive to it).

The question is, are you directing the energy in a way that creates the life you want, or is the energy spinning you around in circles, mis-creating what you don’t want, and showing up as physical issues, money troubles, relationship discord, and more?

Let’s talk for a moment about where all this energy is coming from: it’s coming from other people around you; it’s coming from your environment; it’s coming from your thoughts and beliefs; it’s coming from your practices and behaviors; it’s coming from your emotions; it’s coming from Universal celestial patterns; it’s coming from your personal celestial patterns; it’s coming from the physical things you use; it’s coming from money; it’s coming from what you put in and on your body; it’s coming from natural cycles and rhythms.

No wonder you’re exhausted, anxious, and overwhelmed!

As I said, the question is, are you directing all of this energy in a way that creates the life you want, or is the energy spinning you around in circles?

I can hear you saying, It’s spinning me around in circles.

You’re not alone; women everywhere are coming to terms with the fact we need a different paradigm ~ one that supports who we really are, and allows women to work with powerful feminine spiritual energy…

…working with it by having a daily spiritual practice that directs the energy where you want it to go so you can create the life you want with ease.

But what does that look like in real-world terms, with your busy schedule and your responsibilities? When I work with women in my spiritual community, I often hear, I’d like to, but I don’t have time to do this stuff, and even if I had the time, I wouldn’t know where to start. Let me tell you: you don’t have time not to do this stuff.

It’s the thing that changes everything.

All that exhaustion, anxiety, and overwhelm; all the physical issues, money troubles, and relationship discord; all the fear, doubt, and uncertainty. Everything that plagues you.

Whether you’re new to the feminine spiritual path or you’ve been traveling it for a while, again, you’re not alone: I’ve heard the same I-don’t-have-time-and-don’t-know-where-to-start story from women with all different levels of experience.

It goes to mindset, to beliefs. We’ve been taught for so long that things under the dominion of feminine energy aren’t valuable, it’s hard to convince ourselves to invest time practicing and refining them.

It’s a hard road to walk alone ~ most women start down a feminine spiritual path feeling like they have to hide it, like they’re doing something wrong.

These are centuries-old false beliefs held by women collectively, and yet, we are in a time when women everywhere are awakening to their true power every single day.

So what does a daily feminine spiritual practice look like?

It’s many things ~ and highly personal ~ including interaction with the Divine through prayer, meditation, and conversation with Divine Guides; tapping into Divine messages through dreams, journaling, and divination; working with intentions, affirmations, and visualizations; conducting energy healing work; developing your spiritual gifts; and using tools that resonate with your personal energy.

Here are four essential elements for a daily spiritual practice:

* A sacred space where you can focus

* A spiritual toolkit of tools and techniques that feel good to you

* A method to keep your energy clear

* A process to hear Divine Guidance

Which brings us back to time to do it and where to start, doesn’t it?

Here’s the thing: a spiritual practice develops over time ~ and it doesn’t have to be lengthy or complicated ~ you just have to start somewhere.

As you practice consistently, you’ll come into greater alignment with the right tools and techniques for you. I think this is where we get stuck: there’s not a formula for this, no one-size-fits-all like we’re taught to believe.

And yet, certain things resonate with women: crystals, essential oils, herbs, music, bells and bowls, incense, salt, candles, Tarot and Oracle cards, writing, singing, color.

What things on that list make you excited? Go with that, It’s the first step in trusting your intuitive knowing.

Creating a spiritual practice doesn’t have to be hard, it just has to be consistent. That’s where we go off the rails ~ we don’t make it a priority in our busy lives, and then we get hit with more negative energy manifesting as some sort of trouble in our lives, and we run around trying to solve everything instead of getting quiet and shifting energy.

It’s definitely counterintuitive ~ as I mentioned, we’re conditioned to masculine energy, jumping right into checking things off the list, taking immediate action to fix stuff.

It’s completely draining…and if you take a moment to think about it, where has all your running around in circles trying to fix everything gotten you? To a place of exhaustion and overwhelm, with more stuff to have to deal with popping up all the time.

I’ve changed more in my life over the last five years or so by taking a giant step back, taking a deep breath, and sitting quietly in front of my altar than I ever was able to change by chasing myself around in circles for decades.

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