Are you meeting all of your obligations?

What about the obligation to your Self? Too often we find ourselves in a routine where we are running trying to fulfill all of our obligations to work, to our families and our friends. This constant stress level and emotional drain take its toll. It’s a challenge spending time on yourself, which you may interpret as an activity that you want to do, like lunch with a friend, or a date with your spouse. These activities, though fun, do not allow you the opportunity to embrace inner healing.

If your first response is, “Inner healing … what? My insides are just fine!” What I am referring to is a new perspective, one without judgment that allows us to approach our life experience without negative thoughts or anger.

When you open yourself up, by spending time with self in stillness and calming your mind, that quietness offers clarity. I refer to that time spent in stillness, as an act of Self-love, and a significant practice to add to your exercise program. We gain our best clarity, replenish and recharge when we check in mindfully and connect to our authentic voice.

Listen to a brief guided meditation to assist you in listening to your inner voice:

By Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Awaken With Light, Inc. 

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