‘Practical Tantra’  ….  Especially for Contemporary Seekers of Embodied Wisdom, HLW High Level Wellness and Conscious Intimacy in the Era of #Metoo.

Are you reeling on this planetary roller coaster ride, where all the rules about life, love, health, and relationships are changing by the millisecond?

If yes, rest assured you are NOT alone in this!

The way I am seeing this current time is that we are right in-between trapeze bars. We’ve left the platform of ‘the knowns’ behind us and we’re flying through the air on our way to the ‘other side’, and there’s no safety net anywhere to be seen underneath us. EeeYikes!

My name is Jivana, a name given to me by the East Indian mystic and tantric master Osho. I spent six years in his ‘buddhafield’ in a magical but extremely challenging relationship, after which I created a quiet but deep tantra therapy practice to help others sort their way through the various physical, emotional and spiritual issues related to sexuality, intimacy and relationships that have been causing people so much trauma and turmoil for so long.

Over that time I discovered that one of my most compelling interests was in helping both myself and others reach for more of our vast and as yet undiscovered human potential…for HLW… high level wellness, longevity (in other words anti-aging) and conscious intimacy.

This is my first blog post on WU, and I am so immensely grateful for this field and this opportunity. So, I’m not going to be too crazy long-winded on this one….

I just wanted to get my WU feet a little bit wet and let you know I’m here…And I can’t wait to meet you!


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