What are essential oils?

So… do you want the long, scientific answer? Or do you want the simple, Misty-answer? If you want the long, scientific answer you can head here and read alllllll about that. Because I think my way of explaining things is WAY more fun and easier to understand (say hell0 to my squirrel-brain!), let’s go with the simple, Misty-answer =D

Essential oils are plants.

The end. Have a nice day!

Just kidding, but really – they are plants. They’re plants that have gone all Incredible Hulk and have the same amazing super powers as the Hulk, but in a non-destructive way =) Here’s the thing – when we hear the words “essential oils” a lot of people often times conjure up images of yoga-loving, green-juice-drinking, crazy girls swooning over essential oils and it doesn’t resonate with most of the population. Now, while that description of the common picturesque oiler kind of looks like me, it really doesn’t do oils justice.

When we talk about essential oils, just pretend we’re saying plants – because we are. The essential oils come from different parts of the plant depending on the therapeutic benefit you’re looking for. Ever wonder what the essential oil from a plant actually is? Essential oils are what gives the plant its scent. Think about the smell of a rose, a lavender plant, a peppermint leaf, any of them. You can smell the scent right now can’t you? What gives the plant its aromatic scent are the essential oils! Check this picture out – if you’ve been to an essential oil class, this is something you’ve seen before. doTERRA’s Peppermint essential oil is distilled from the leaves of the peppermint plant. The picture on the left shows the peppermint leaf to the naked eye, and then the picture on the right shows a magnified version! Those little white sacs next to those prickly unicorn-horn thingies are the essential oil sacs. Those are what get distilled from the plant and bottled into that amber vial of Peppermint oil you have!

The even cooler thing is that those essential oil sacs are MAGIC! Ok maybe not totally magic, but pretty dang close! The essential oil of the plants actually contain the concentrated therapeutic benefits of the plant itself. That’s why when you’re using oils, you don’t need to use a lot to see a HUGE benefit. How cool is it to be able to go back and learn what our ancestors knew? They may not have necessarily known how to extract the essential oils of a plant – which is a way more convenient and available way to utilize the benefits of the plant, thank you modern technology – but they knew exactly the types of plants they could use to help support their bodies in times of sickness, but also for sustained health! Here’s a short video to give you a better idea of what essential oils are:

Pretty freakin cool eh?! So tell me your thoughts – do you understand what essential oils are now and that we’re basically teaching you how to use plants to be more self-sufficient in your own home when it comes to your health, emotions and removing the toxic crud out of your life? Talk to me in the comments, before we move on next week to how to use oils, are you still in the dark on what oils even are? By the way – how amazing is it that we have options when it comes to how we care for our bodies and our family’s health? =)

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