~ Living in the Key of C ~ 

Chunk things down to one day at a time.

Chill out – things don’t go according to plan – life is like that.

Commit to your growth and healing… to showing up for yourself.

Take continuous action to your growth and healing.

Curiosity – stay open – you never know what life has in store for you.

Calm down… everything’s going to work out in the end.

Constancy – be in the moment in every moment.

Cultivate deep listening to your inner knowing.

Courage – to follow your intuition.

Celebrate – life, others, and yourself!

Conduct your affairs with kindness and love.

Comfort yourself and others with compassion and forgiveness.

Contentment – find it through acceptance.

Connection – remember you are always connected to the Infinite, to each other, and all life.

Collaborate and co-create with others.

Contribute your innate and unique gifts… we’ve been waiting for you.

Community – reach out and touch someone.

Color your world – become aware of what a technicolored, multi-dimensional being you are.

Communicate your needs to others and ask for help.

Center yourself as a conduit between earth’s core and the heavens.

Clear sight to your purpose and your true self.

Collect and cherish all the things you are grateful for.

Congregate with your tribe.

Come into alignment with your Higher Self.

Confess your secrets to another so you no longer live in shame.

Cultivate the beginner’s mind so that you always remain teachable.

Conscious living.

Continuously walk in the present moment.

Childlike wonder and awe of the Universe.

Challenge your limiting beliefs.

Conviction to love yourself without reservation and unconditionally.

Citizen – of both the outer world and your inner world.

Chip away at the suffering of others by being of service.

Cast off what no longer serves you.

Control is an illusion – trade it for awareness and do the work to clear inner conflict.

Confidently walk your path knowing that each step is perfect.

Celebrate!!! You are a star, after all!

Gently in love,


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