Discover True Abundance in Your Relationships Through the Akashic Realm

The Akashic Records offer valuable insights about what you carry that causes ripples, and sometimes tsunamis, in your relationships – especially those with members of your family of origin. I’ve spent time with so many clients over the years who worked in the Akashic realm and have created peace for themselves in relationships that had once been filled with anger, resentment or pain.

Some choose to stay away from these uncomfortable relationships at this time of the year, preferring to stay focused on the family they’ve chosen. While I respect any choice made with the intention of taking care of yourself, I remind you that like an open Explorer window, the suffering around those relationships still exists in your consciousness. It drains your “RAM” and reduces the amount of energy you truly have to be present.

If you take the time over the next few weeks to really work with the Akashic Masters and hear the information they share with you, if you take advantage of the opportunity to release vows, clear patterns and allay suffering, you can create a more peaceful holiday experience, one where you really feel the abundance of all the Universe has to offer you.

Don’t mistake this work for a magician’s trick that will transform siblings or parents into the perfect fantasy version you’ve envisioned as necessary for a good relationship. Rather, this work can help you see them and their behavior from a completely different perspective. It can support your desire to grow and evolve by providing you with information that helps to break your patterns and change your behavior to foster the peace you want.

Most of all, it can offer you the chance to give the gift of forgiveness, to your family and yourself if you’re willing to invest your energy. I recently received an e-mail from a client who told me she’d said the Prayer for Forgiveness nine times a day for a year. She shared how it has changed her life and said it was “the most amazing and powerful thing one can do for themselves.”

There is no such a thing as a panacea when it comes to creating perfect family dynamics.

It takes a commitment and the Akashic Records are here to support you. With their help, you can create new relationships with family members through eliminating ancient promises and karma you’ve carried with you into this lifetime. Wouldn’t it be lovely to spend a holiday appreciating the relationships you have instead of dreading them? That is abundance!

I’ve been working with the Akashic Masters for decades and without them, I wouldn’t have the beautiful relationships that I do. I’m particularly grateful during the holidays because I enjoy the time I spend with family instead of finding ways to avoid them. I want this for you.

As a special holiday gift to you, the free books that I created to celebrate the publication of From Questioning to Knowing: 73 Prayers to Transform Your Life will remain on my site for a little while longer. Sign up here to connect with your own Akashic guides and move one step further in the direction of abundance in your relationships!

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