Harness the Power of the Present

Awareness and acceptance of the present moment are filled with much potential; the mere thought of sharing this concept today with you sends a rush of tingles through my body!

When we live noticing what is occurring in the here and now, whether it is putting children on the bus, attending a business meeting or cooking dinner we tune into what is physically our reality at that moment. We notice the role we play, how we feel mentally, emotionally, and physically in our body. For instance, when you tune into the bus experience and watch your little one get on the bus, you notice how you feel emotionally as they leave you. You may be aware mentally of what you are thinking as well as the thoughts you are experiencing in that moment. The body may feel something as well, nervousness in the belly or a pang in the heart. From this reference point, we can see that this moment is being lived just as it is, accepting it as our reality. It is not what occurred in the hour before this one, the previous day, previous month or last year. We are not focusing on the next hour, day, or week. It is the present and this moment propels us forward to the next one.

You may wonder why I think this is so important and filled with much power. It is from this state of consciousness that we can experience life much more completely. Harnessing the power of the present assists us in creating momentum, to move through each moment after that with what we choose to co-create, whether it is, joy-filled excitement, determination, and focus or peaceful fulfillment. It is our moment to experience fully!

Listen to a brief guided exercise to assist you in living in the present moment:

By Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Awaken With Light, Inc. 

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