Mindfully Respond to Life and Choose not to React

Have you noticed how several individuals can view the same news piece on television or read the same article and walk away with a different reaction and interpretation? We each see the world through a different lens based on such factors as what we have lived and experienced, what we think to be true, and what we want. That is why I believe it is vitally important to keep an open mind; we can all perceive a situation differently. We all process and interpret based on our lens.

We keep our mind open by using the skills of living mindfully aware. For instance, pausing when you have an initial response to a statement or an experience and ask, “What do I already believe to be true about this person or event?” “What in my past is influencing my initial reaction?” “Are there other interpretations I should consider in the broad scheme of things?”

The answers may not immediately come, but the reflection on these questions assist you in stepping back from a reaction, detaching, and expanding your thought process to see a different viewpoint. You may not change your initial view or reaction, but you are allowing yourself to live in the present moment exploring and understanding self and the world around you.

Listen to this brief guided meditation to help you connect to your third eye chakra:

By Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Awaken With Light, Inc

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