Tips to Connect to Your Soul Through Nature Part 1: A 3-Part Blog Series

I believe that Nature is a physical expression of the Universal Soul/Spirit/God. Spending any time with her allows us to connect deeper to a part of ourselves.

In this series, I`ll be sharing some of my top tips to help us connect deeper to that invisible part of ourselves by going out and spending time in nature.

Nature has many forms and she is everywhere we go when we step outside. There is a part of her in the air we breathe, in the sun that is shining down, in the rain that is falling and also in the earth underneath our feet, no matter how much concrete is covering her.

Coming in contact with Mother Nature, we open ourselves up to receive what is ours to receive from this connection to our Soul.

One of the first ways to enjoy time with nature is by changing our mindset when we spend time with nature in all of its forms.


Taking a few minutes to ground ourselves, breathing in and out so that we become present for the WHY we are here at that particular moment.

Setting our intentions should be about ‘Receiving’ from nature rather than taking. I often hear people say: I’ll go take a walk outside, I’ll get some fresh air. Change those words to: I`ll go spend time with nature, or I`m stepping outside to receive some goodness from nature. Changing the way we speak about the time we spend with nature can change so much about the relationship we have with her.

Creating a space within ourselves to receive a tiny bit of the goodness, the beauty and the energy that is present in nature’s stillness will alter our experience when going for a walk with Mother Nature.


Becoming aware of where our attention is will help us be present for the experience. Making sure that our mind is here and now for the time that we are in the presence of nature. It is a great privilege to share any amount of time with nature. She has been around for billions of years.

Making sure to check in with ourselves to see where our attention is will make this time even more sacred. It will also help to recognise the sacred value of Mother Nature.


Our emotions or feelings can be felt at a deeper level when we become aware of this deep connection to this universal soul. Allowing ourselves to be present for the emotions or feelings that show up will give us clues about ourselves.

Taking the time to feel what this time in nature is doing for us, will help us to feel more nourished by the experience of being in nature. It might also help us to receive exactly what we needed, even when we didn’t know what that was ahead of time.

Go outside, become aware of the benefits of these shifts in mindsets. With time, these will become a practice that will be part of the experience when being in the presence of Mother Nature.

I look forward to sharing more tips to help you connect to your soul through nature in next week’s article!


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