Live Your Truths

Our ego has its idea of who we are. This idea has a powerful influence on us both positively and negatively. The ego supports you in moving forward and driving you to succeed. It can also have you believe that your definition of yourself is comprised of all that you own, your profession, and how you look.

However, the true self quietly whispers to our heart and sends messages to our intuition. I tell my clients that the quickest indicator that your ego is speaking is when you hear the voice of your inner critic, the not-so-kind thoughts we have about ourselves. The true self is loving and compassionate.

The goal is to strive for a balanced sense of self that honors who we are authentically. The best way to differentiate between ego vs. true self is through self-awareness. Through self-awareness, we can align our ego with our true self and achieve the goals we want in life and honor our truths.

Listen to this guided exercise to assist you in balancing the ego with your true self:

By Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Awaken With Light, Inc.

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