Speak Up!  – June 2017

At 19, I worked my first professional 9-5 and felt pretty damn mature in my nylons and shoulder padded outfits. I wanted to continue feeling that way, so when my birthday arrived, I decided that I didn’t need to tell anyone. I was 20 now, so no need for that silly attention. I went all day long being a little sad and having a few pity parties because nobody wished me a happy birthday. Being “mature” pretty much sucked. I think it’s like trying to be “normal.” What the hell is normal anyway? How many times do we catch ourselves getting upset at our situation or our surroundings because we’re too afraid to speak up? We are too afraid to be judged or we’re trying to be the bigger person?

The older I get, the better I understand what is important to me and if I want it to be acknowledged by others then I need to speak up. I am not perfect at this, but I have found that most people enjoy me being honest and sharing; I know I do. I have friends that will cancel plans with me because they are having a pity party, or life just sucks at that moment and they don’t want to be around people. I respect this and completely understand since I can be especially annoying if I am feeling like Mrs. Positive. I adore them for this. Their honesty gives me permission to do the same.

I still may find myself trying to be the bigger person from time to time << Test First Name >>, but at least I know when it is happening now and I can sit with my decision and decide if I want to change it.

If speaking up is challenging for you as well, I challenge you to be honest with someone today. Don’t be rude, just share your feelings. Remember, not to be attached to how they receive it because they may take it personally. Thank goodness that it will have nothing to do with you. This may inspire them to speak up too. Honest communication can feel pretty normal and mature.


I feel safe to ask for what I want

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