Listen to Your Inner Voice

When making choices and decisions, tune into your heart when evaluating which direction you will choose. What do I mean by that? Check in and ask how you feel about the decision, what emotions come to the surface. Too often we rely on our analysis, our logical brain, and discount how we feel about a decision. However, from our feelings, our inner voice speaks and should not be downplayed.

This inner compass or inner voice comes from heart center and allows our intuition and gut feelings to play a role in the choices we make.

Going through the decision-making process, if we tune into and understand where we hold emotion in the physical body, we can recognize physical cues at any given moment. For instance, if my stomach tightens up and is unsettled I know that something does not feel right to me. It is my cue to explore the experience a bit more and take the time to think about what I am feeling in that moment. Again, these feelings should not be discarded as mere coincidence.

Our heart is our inner compass that is in alignment with our unique, authentic self and is an integral part of the decision-making process.

I encourage you to cultivate clarity and connection with your heart center often. My favorite way is in my stillness practice. Allow your heart to be heard. Follow your intuition and your gut feelings. The more you do, the stronger and clearer these wonderful indicators become. When we allow ourselves to greet our choices from the wholeness of the mind, body and spirit connection, we can be at peace with our choices and move through life faithfully forward.

Listen to this guided message to assist you in a heart centering practice.

By Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Awaken With Light, Inc.

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