Every New Day is a Gift NOT a Given Right

You heard this before, I know you have. Have you stopped to think what this really means? These are not just empty words. There is a message here for all of us, for all humanity. My intention with this blog is that you not only read it but really pay attention to the words and think about your actions towards these words. Say it outloud “Every new day is a gift, not a given right!’

Write it down, read it daily if you must. But please embrace the fact that you are one of the lucky ones that get to see tomorrow. We live in a beautiful planet, called Earth. Which we must love and keep safe. We are here to love not destroy. It starts by loving ourselves! When you wake up in the morning are you grateful for the new day? Are you ready to confront what the day brings to you? OR do you Dread getting up in the morning. Getting out of bed. Do you feel your life has no purpose. Are you not motivated? You probably fall into either one of two categories:

1- Grateful and motivated or

2- Miserable, sad, unmotivated.

I want to help you move from category 2 into category 1. We all want to be grateful and motivated!

So, look around and find nice things like nature, thats pretty easy as nature surrounds us. If you can see the sun shine, be grateful for that. If you can hear the birds sing or the noise of traffic, be grateful for that. If you can feel when you touch, be grateful for that. If you can smell the aroma of rain or flowers, be grateful for that. Be grateful that all your senses work! Because there are many people that are not as lucky. Yet, they are grateful for what they do have. Key point Be Grateful for what you have!

When you say thank you for all the things you are blessed with, you send out a positive vibration! That only comes back to you in more positive ways. Positive thoughts = Positive results. You heard this before, many times. Guess what? It is true. I am living proof. BUT don’t just say it for the sake of saying it, YOU MUST MEAN IT. Feel it. Sometimes life throws us stones and when it rains it pours, but in times like those find your inner strength, push through and have a little faith. Because after the rain always comes a beautiful rainbow.

Please contact me with questions, concerns. I can help you be in the category 1 and find your own rainbow.

With love,


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