The Beginning of Getting #Unstuck: An Online Master Class

The first step in getting #unstuck is to become aware understand the power of your decisions. Decide. Take an action. A decision to not act is a decision, an action all its own. You may tell yourself you are stuck because you can’t act, you can’t decide, but in your stuck-ness, your action is not to act…and this is a decision nonetheless.

Fear of making the wrong decision leads to no action, inaction, but is still a decision, an action step. Be conscious and aware that you are making such a decision, this action by not acting. Then you are there by choice, not as if you are being acted on by an outside force as a victim. Take responsibility for your actions, whatever they might be. Own them. Celebrate them.

If you are feeling stuck anywhere in your life, I invite you to come join me for an online Master Class “Unleashing Your Healing Power: Getting #Unstuck” Tuesday, June 20th at 5pm(PST)/7pm(CST)/8pm(EST) when I will teach you the tools I use myself to keep the momentum going in my life. Click this link to register: Everyone who attends the LIVE event will have an opportunity for a special offer. Everyone who registers will get a link to the replay. #UnleashYourHealingPower #ComplementaryHealing #kippinitreal #WUVIP

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