On Moving from Contempt to Compassion ~ Healing the National Malaise

We can hold contempt for our politics and politicians to the point where we can become mired in it. Can we advance from this position? In my case, I realized that I was holding onto my contempt, holding onto my outrage, and in all this fierce holding on energy, I saw that I was only fueling it. It was consuming me…from the inside. Enough. I sent out a prayer for clarity and deep inner listening. What is in me that needs to heal in order to shift out of contempt…for the deceit, the quest for money, power, and prestige…for my feelings of utter powerlessness in the face of all such pursuits?

I sat quietly, breathing deep, conscious breaths in stillness. I saw a mirror in my mind. I saw Mr. Trump in the mirror staring back at me, that intense piercing stare I have seen in so many of his pictures. And for a moment, his visage melted into my own face. There it was: I saw that my own internal wars, my unresolved resentments, the places where I had yet to forgive, all matter of angst. Then the mirrored image returned back into Mr. Trump. The ah-ha moment came. OMG! What an internal war this man had boiling inside of him. In that moment, as I recognized that my own angst was probably but a drop in the bucket compared to how much must live in this man, my whole being melted into compassion, for my self-contempt, and how part of my cure was self-compassion, and compassion for Mr. Trump, for his contempt and the contempt of others like him. The other part of the Contempt Cure was living in the Aquarian sutra: “the other is you.” Contempt shifting into compassion – what we see in others is only visible when we can see it and heal it in ourselves. Further, though I do not condone actions this president and others in our politics have taken, I can take a position of compassion for them. In that moment, I went from feeling victimized to feeling empowered. My voice remains one voice among the masses. I can stand up, speak out, and make myself accountable, rising out of any remaining complacency still I carry, but as I do this, I can send out the energy of compassion into the field. Imagine what our politics would be like if The People’s representatives came from a position of compassion? One can always dream. #Compassion #AquarianSutra #TheOtherIsYou #ContemptCure #AmericanDream #kippinitreal https://elizabeth-kipp.com

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