Breathe in and Embrace Positivity

Spring is a perfect time of the year to clean out and de-clutter the mental closets and drawers within our mind. Whether it is our emotional, spiritual or physical mindset, take a few minutes to go outside today, close your eyes and breathe in the freshness. Embrace and allow a sense of renewal and replenishment. On the exhale, imagine letting go of what no longer serves you and allow full releasement of old thought patterns and beliefs. No analysis and no judgment. Simply allow and embrace positive thoughts of gratitude, order, and simplicity. By re-organizing your thoughts this springtime, joy, and happiness will flow with no encumbrances.

Listen to this 6-minute guided exercise to help you breathe in life, enjoy!

Embracing spring,

By Nancy Gentle Boudrie, Awaken With Light, Inc.

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