Unleash Your Healing Power – Healing A Break | Days 21-24

I’ve been hunkered down for the last three days, resting, digging deep, pulling out yet more tools to bring to the healing table, beginning with asking for more help. Being of service works both ways after all. I am so blessed to have such wonderful friends around me. They have brought so much love and healing energy to the table, including so many prayers from you, my Facebook friends following this.

The old patterns I had around chronic pain have tried to raise themselves up into new life, but I have caught them, fortunately, before they had a chance to reestablish themselves. You know, the ones that say “It will always be like this”, “you’ll never recover from this”, and on and on…I remain the witness to these old remnant thoughts/beliefs, but allow them to parade right through the canvas of my mind. Here’s the nugget I learned so profoundly: we have sensation, and we have a reaction to that sensation. It is in resolving, in neutralizing our reaction, staying in a place of witnessing, in pure conscious presence, that we dissolve any suffering and get out of our own way, letting the healing miracle emerge and work its magic.

I am grateful for the teachings and for you, my friends, for your support, healing vibes, and love. We do this thing called life together. Blessed be.

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