Hi and welcome to my blog!

My name is Virginia Warren. As you may have already figured out by the title of this blog, I am a Lawyer. I am a partner in a general legal practice which is located on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne in Australia. Diversely, I have also recently qualified as a registered yoga teacher. The yin and yang, so to speak, both contrasting but complementary vocations. That’s what I would like to show is possible anyway.

My life leading to this point has been an interesting one and has given me the experience necessary to show empathy for others in crisis. My path to teaching yoga arose accidentally in the literal sense, and I will say, in reflection, that I also “accidentally” became a Lawyer. However, I know that there are no such things as “accidents”. I now have the tools to help my clients, some of which are experiencing critical periods of their lives and need some direction on how to get through the emotional turmoil.

During my journey, I have had the good fortune to be exposed to some life changings spiritual works, the first of such being Florence Scovel Schinn’s “The Game of Life and How to Play It”. I found this book in 1996, “accidentally”. I cannot remember how it came across my path. That book was written in 1925. There was no internet at my disposal then and I did not really frequent libraries. After reading that I was profoundly changed. It resonated with me and I “knew” there was sound reasoning in its writings. That was the beginning.

It was then during my yoga teacher training in 2016 that my life direction changed. During my studies I delved into diverse readings which sparked an interest in me that I “knew” was there all along. The “knowing”, as I like to call it, that we all have. In particular, I read an article on a yoga website which referred to a place called “home” (where we go after leaving our physical bodies). Well that was it. Full body tingles happened there and then. I knew I had hit the jackpot. I needed more information and I needed it right away. As a result of this I have been reading and analysing spiritual writings like crazy. Some resonates, some does not. I reason that if I share with others what I have read and some of the insights I’ve gained, then not only will I gain greater depth of understanding but I may just be able help some of my clients and, via this blog, others along the way.

I really want you to know that whilst this information I am sharing works well for me, it may not be what you believe in and that’s quite okay with me. If anything does make sense or gives you a “tingle” then, you might want to explore what I have to say further from time to time. If you would like to discuss any issue at all, I am happy to do that with you too. Let’s see where this all takes us …

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