Glow your Peace

The glow of peace is always with you.

The soothing glow of peace is with you always, all ways. It exists in the center of your soul, where the light continues to smolder, waiting for you to fan the flame. The glow strengthens when you are accessing it, brightening it further, so it envelops you in serenity and tranquility. Being at peace is a state of the heart mind within the soul. When we are thrown off balance, we must remember to connect to our soul, delivering us the peace while we undergo our challenges. When needed, take slower, deeper breaths while imagining the beautiful glow of peace flowing from within to surround you in a lovely blue aura or bubble of energy. Sit within this energy, absorbing it back into every cell in the body, allowing it to expand even further.

“Awaken a more brilliant version of you™”

Namaste! <3 ~ Heather 

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