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My health problems are getting worse and worse. They started 18 years ago and things just domino. Pain has been diagnosed as ‘fibromyalgia,’ degenerative disc disease (just diagnosed a month ago after years of doctors never telling me this).

I have been diagnosed with other things too. Right now, suffering what they say is internal shingles. I have pain throughout my body. Nothing ends. What is wrong with me? Will my new Internist doctor be compassionate enough to find out what is really wrong with me?

Dear Health Problems
So much of what occurs on the outside, is a direct reflection of what is occurring on the inside.
Your physical body is but one of the many bodies that make up the “whole” you.

You are not simply flesh and bone, far from it; you are a soul with a spirit, inhabiting a “physical” body.
All humans have seven bodies: “etheric body,” “emotional body,” “mental body,” “astral body,” “etheric body,” “celestial body,” and “ketheric/casual body.”

These seven bodies comprise the whole with three being of the physical plane and three of the spiritual, with the astral body being the bridge between the two realms.

As Above So Below.

In looking to not only understand your current state of Being, but also assist yourself in transcending it, you will want to embark on a series of “new” understandings and practices.

One of the first will be to read about the seven bodies, so as to gain an understanding of their existence, presence, function, and how to achieve greater harmony and balance within and between them all.

You will also want to begin daily meditation, which will greatly reduce stress, which is the cause of many ailments across the bodies, and is certainly a direct contributor/cause of shingles.

Exercise and diet also play a vital role in maintaining the necessary nutrition, harmony and balance required by the respective bodies.

You are what you eat.

You are what you think.

You are what you say.

You are what you do.


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