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How would you like your article being read up to 3000 times in the first day, without being advertised? Heather Lang’s post yesterday did just that! We wanted to explain the opportunity held within our blog and for every WU World-Changers. If you are looking for more exposure for your great work, we would love to feature your quality content.

Ways to contribute content and be featured: Quote of The Day, Inspiration of the Day & Full articles.

Did you know featured articles on the WU blog is reserved exclusively for members of WU? Did you know that when we share your article you are tagged on several platforms so people can automatically follow you? Did you know that blogging and being published on WU is an authentic way to connect to your ideal client and tribe

Here are some facts and tips that will help increase your impact through your blog:

1. When your article is featured on the WU Blog, we share on twitter and add your twitter handle, share on FB to over 1M followers, post to Pinterest, Google+, Digg, LinkedIn, Stumble Upon, and more. You are tagged on the platforms you have a presence on. We do this all FREE for your greatest impact.

2. A way you create awareness about your article is to talk about it before it posts. Here Rhonda has already shared the news which creates buzz and just one of the reasons why her articles do so well. Her last 3 articles had over 11k views. Your support adds momentum! Your awesome content is only awesome to those who read it, so spread the buzz!

3. IMPORTANT: When your article publishes, share it. Include it in a newsletter. Share to other platforms. Share your article directly to a few of your friend’s pages.

4. Being genuine and authentic when you share your article will get you the readers you want and people will want to share it too. Let people know how much you loved writing the article, how it may change someone’s life, etc.

5. Thank those who share your post. Without the support of WU World-Changers and people sharing your article, achieving the reach we do would be impossible. Our community is stellar!

6. Writing from an authentic and fact based perspective will earn you respect, admiration and people will find you worthy of reading, sharing and connecting with. Don’t be afraid to bare your soul! Those blogs do the best! Ask Ashley, her recent blog from last week has nearly 5000 hits as of 3/6/17 Rest assured, she has helped so many.

7. Connect with people who comment on your article. Check often the day your article posts and go back through your old articles periodically. THIS IS REALLY IMPORTANT. People take the time to leave a comment, it’s just good karma to acknowledge them as a human being. This is also a GREAT way to start a relationship, network and gain a client.

8. You can include an outbound link, free! This can typically cost hundreds of dollars (known as sponsored content) but it’s a feature we offer to support you, WU World-Changer!

9. Articles around 1000 words are the new standard. Articles up to 2500 words carry a lot of weight for google ranking. Our blog requires you to have a minimum of 400 words.

10. You can send along images to include. In Stephanie’s Color of Your Soul Series she included lots of fun photos which made her posts extra interesting.

11. For blog topics and ideas, we suggest titles often. Here is our latest list:

12. We do not run 3rd party ads or pop-up ads. We give YOUR content center stage. We have limited ads from WU members and approved partners.

13. Visit the blog and read and comment on other author’s posts. WE MUST SUPPORT EACH OTHER, it’s what WU is all about. If articles resonate with you, please share them.

14. Use the WU blog as part of your marketing strategy! Be smart about your article, use our blog to your advantage. If you have a book or product or service you want to promote, create and awesome article filled with juicy bits of REAL VALUE for the reader that makes you irresistible. NOTE: Give so much information in your article they can’t wait to get more from you. Never make your article ‘sleezy salsey.’ What we mean is, give REAL content, show how you solve a problem. Articles that inspire, educate, empower get published. Articles that ‘sell you’ or use negative tactics to bait the reader to buy products or services will not be published. Write with tact and etiquette. Respect an intelligent audience and write for them.

14. Once your post goes live, it is required to not publish it elsewhere for at least 30 days.

When you are part of WU, and contribute to our blog, you get several hundred dollars’ worth of promotion, all free because you are a member. We already attract over 100K people and shy of 500K visits a month reading our blog. You play a key role in the success of your article and your support for your article is necessary for it to perform extra well.

We look forward to publishing your next masterpiece. Thank you for being a WU World-Changer, WUVIP. Contribute by emailing us your article to [email protected] 

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