Loving Kindness creates Peace

Create more Peace through Loving Kindness.

When we show others and ourselves more loving kindness, the energy strengthens and helps to create even more of it. Being Loving helps others be more calm and peaceful. I’ve been told for a long time, “You are so calming to be around.” This was before I became a Reiki master! I worked at reducing my stress through yoga and other means to help me be more peaceful through some of my most challenging times. It’s also why I chose to be a yoga instructor, as I believe in yoga very deeply. To be more peaceful, is to move with the flow of life with trust, faith and belief that all is intended for our growth, healing, transformation and awakening of our true Light. It is knowing all is moving in the way it is intended to help us shine in the Divine Love we already are at our core. 

When we fully accept this peace within ourselves, it allows us to express more loving kindness to others, as we understand our own peace is under our control. We accept we have the ability to return to peace when our emotions have been shaken. It is knowing that when outside forces affect us in some way, it is that we are being shown a lesson to be more peaceful, understanding and kind to ourselves to heal in some way. The more we heal ourselves to return to a state of peace, the more loving kindness we can spread. We can show it to others who are being kind, yet we can also show it to those who may not be kind, helping to show them the way.  We, and all around us, are all energy, and we share our energy all the time.  We can share the highest form of energy with each other, which is Love. Love is what we are intended to be, and exchange with each other. We can act and react in loving kindness the more we practice it. Being loving & kind helps creates peace, and each and every time we act and react in loving kindness, we radiate, spread and shine Peace, helping to create balance, harmony and even more Love.

I’d be honored to help you heal yourself through loving kindness to “Awaken a more brilliant version of you™” ~ https://goo.gl/ZPKrmb

Namaste! ~ Heather 

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