Keep Returning To Love 

January 29, 2017

We are spiritual beings living in a spiritual universe, governed by spiritual laws. The world’s religions all maintain that the Power of Love is at the heart of the Universe and is our Source Power. There is no spiritual law to power hatred, and so we know that it is a no-thing, that with enough Love, it must wither. Thus, we must anchor ourselves in Love, especially in stormy weather.

We live in turbulent times and many of us have been tossed out of our comfort zone into a maelstrom of chaos and fear…and for many, rage. There is temptation around the world right now to give in to fear (rage is just one face of fear). Our temporal bodies are hard-wired to respond to stress by fight, flight or freezing. Those have their place but we must over-ride these automatic responses when they don’t solve the problem but only make it worse.

Futurist Barbara Marx Hubbard and others say that whatever we are going through right now is part of a planetary evolution to a global awakened consciousness, a new way for humans to be on the earth and calls on us to “midwife” this evolution. The chaos is necessary to the change. It is why we are born into these times.

Those of us at The Wellness Universe understand well that we are part of a massive global movement toward Love Consciousness, toward Unity and Oneness, toward awareness that we inter-are with each other. That is the awakening Barbara is talking about. And we inter-are with those who rattle us too, BTW.

In a world where kindness and honoring all others are tasked to create peace and prosperity for everyone, some people lash out with hatred and attempt to gather as much power as possible to themselves because they think they might lose in a world like that. Of course they would not, but, being fear-based, they don’t know it. We must understand that and have patience with them – our end goal is that they also awaken. Likewise, we must support each other in returning to Love when we lose patience.

Otherwise, if we give in to hate, we lose our sense of Oneness with the Presence, that powerful, loving “something” people through the ages have always sensed that materializes as LoveLight within us all – including those who don’t know it. If we lose our connection-to-God, to Love, we lose our GPS system and fall into fear ourselves. Our quest is lost in the process. In stormy waters with dark skies, we must hold fast to that guidance. We find our strength in Love.

I myself have to fight right now to remain in Love Consciousness, whereby I can try to organize to protect others from harm without hating those who wish them or us harm. My mantra is to “Return to Love.”

Gandhi and King, whose principles I teach in addition to metaphysical principles, anchor their philosophies and strategies soundly in the principle of the Golden Rule, of Brotherly Love, the foundation of every one of the world’s major religions.

Gandhi was quite honest about having to fight this same daily inner fight while working for the freedom of his people – he said some days he was more successful than others and he would just keep at it. Likewise, Dr. King’s philosophy was, “Do what you will to me and mine, you cannot make me hate you;”  Victor Frankl, a Jewish psychologist who survived the Nazi concentration camps of World War II also proclaimed that at the last, the one thing that could not be taken from a man was how he chose to respond to his conditions; he chose love. Likewise Nelson Mandela, who famously taught that unless he forgave those who had imprisoned him for 27 long and lonely years for fighting for his people’s freedom, he would remain in prison even after release and being elected President of South Africa. Forgiveness (return to love) represented “…liberation the soul. It removes fear. That is why it is such a powerful weapon.” By this he meant that his forgiveness and love transformed his relationship to the apartheid regime and brought peace and justice to the land.

As we fight for justice and fairness…brotherly love… as we midwife this awakened world, hatred has no place in our struggle and love is the fuel for our quest.

We must remain anchored in our hearts and affirm and trust that Love is stronger than hate and fear. Each time we find ourselves in chaos, falling victim to fear, we must return to Love – b.r.e.a.t.h.e. – and quietly await direction. All we have to do is ask.

Thanks for joining me here.

In Love and Light,

Gerry #WUVIP

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  1. Gerry Straatemeier Post author

    #WUVIP @eileenanglin FB:
    Lightworkers and spiritual warriors will need to walk a fine line between being hopeful, feeling peaceful, but not fall into complacency. Of feeling fired up but not projecting anger onto others. Anger needs to be directed in a healthy way. Anger is nothing to be ashamed of. It’s an energy that can galvanize you to action. It isn’t helpful to direct at others. Only when it’s shifted to a place of action can it create a bridge to others and affect positive change. To do that we have to keep ourselves clear and balanced through self care and also support of other lightworkers.

    Love you Eileen! <3