Nurturing Your Client Audience

Like any relationship the connection you have with potential clients has to be nurtured over time. 

The more serious and long-term relationships with your audience and customers can’t be rushed, some potential clients will get you right away, but most will need to know you and your products better before they commit to buying or investing.

You can encourage a more healthier connection by being authentic, by being honest, by sharing your own personal journeys in a way that directly relates to your audience.

You can show your potential clients that you care and genuinely want to help by sharing your advice, wisdom and other people’s helpful offerings freely without expectation. 

With a vast increase of coaches, healers and therapists bombarding social media with their offerings. Free offerings help demonstrate that you are being of service and dedicated to the clients needs.

Simple straight forward call to actions for your smaller products up to your larger investment products helps the client move along their buying journey with more ease and security.

Blogging is one of the most powerful way you can really connect with your audience, share your values, your life and healing experience, helping clients identify if you are a right for them.

Imagine what your ideal client would want to know about you, your experience, your skills and your therapy before making that investment

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