WU World-Changers FAQs

A question we love answering! You can read all about our Mission, Vision and general Overview.

First, before emailing, please check these FAQs for an answer. If it is here, we will redirect you back to this FAQ in our reply to your email.

Connect with us and message us here through our The Wellness Universe profile for quick and simple questions, suggestions and kudos.

To submit a technical issue, please use the Feedback Tab at the bottom or your screen.

To answer more in depth questions, please EMAIL us at MembersOnly@TheWellnessUniverse.com

If your question is related to a blog you have submitted through Submit an Article and it has been 72 business hours, please email blogs@TheWellnessUniverse.com

Please only use this email so our team can respond in a timely manner. Emails will be responded to within 48 business hours. Although we are all connected through this platform and social media, please do not use those means of communication for any membership questions, issues, suggestions, etc.

Manage Your WU Profile
Please begin with this video. Creating an awesome profile is essential to begin your success. Take the guesswork out of filling out your profile and optimize it for the world to know what you do. VERY important information!

Designing Your Cover Photo
Your Cover Photo can say a million words in one image. Let’s get your Cover Photo to spark interest in you! Suggested image size: 1272×320.

Manage Your SEO
Your SEO is essential to your profile being optimized for search engine classification. This is also where your description is being pulled from when you are shared on social media.

Our blog content is curated solely by the members of The Wellness Universe and open to all members.

Watch this tutorial for a step by step ‘How to Submit my Article to get Published’:  https://youtu.be/9rFpWxXQNzc

You can submit your blog right from your account! It is located under the tab Submit an Article right in your member dropdown menu located under your profile picture. Please be sure to read ALL guidelines before submission. Here is a 1 minute video showing you exactly where to submit: Watch Now

Topic and title suggestions can be found in monthly publications of our Blog Call. See the current Blog Call Here

How To Use Your Blog
This video shows you how to create a blog in your profile. Premium & Premium Plus Members enjoy this AWESOME benefit.

You can submit a blog to be featured on our WU Blog via emailing blogs@thewellnessuniverse.com

Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering Engagement
This video shows you how to:
– How to make the WU News Feed Work for You
– Create Posts That Pull People In
– Amazing Tips You Can’t Live Without!

What is this WUTT everyone is talking about?
WUTT stands for Wellness Universe Twitter Team
If you love to network on Twitter, want to share great tweets, grow your following and get some extra recognition as a WU World-Changer please contact our Twitter Social Media Manager Jenny Tasker.
WUTT Information and Team Requirements:
When tweeting, please official #WUVIP #WUWorldChanger hashtag when referring to the Wellness Universe on your Social Media platforms.
Join the WUTT:
Contact Jenny Tasker, and we will have you on the team in no time! After you are added, here is what you can do next:
~> Tweeting from our Daily Tweet Post at least 5 days a week ~ we suggest at least a handful of tweets a day minimum.
 You can find this post daily in the WU H.U.B. in The Scoop Group
Each day new and relevant Tweets are published hot off the presses for you!
BEST TWEETING PRACTICES: Space out tweets / use a scheduler, don’t RT or Tweet too many in a row or the same info too close together.
This type of tweeting will lower your reach. (We recommend using a scheduler like Sendible, Tweetdeck, etc.)
RT your fellow #WUVIP’s – Search the #WUVIP Hashtag on Twitter and like, RT, and support your fellow #WUWorldChangers
Be Selective – RT Basics: ReTweet Interesting, visual and WU/WUVIP tweets… The tweets that send you to Facebook are not ‘highly admired’ in twitterland.
Take Initiative – Build tweets! Participate in Twitter events like; #FollowFriday/#TransformatonalTuesday/#WellnessWednesday….
If you have been tweeted, RT’d, go back and RT something from the person who tweeted you.
Hitting that ‘Heart’ often is a beautiful thing also!
‘Favorite’ as many tweets as you wish – they won’t appear in your feed – but sure feels great to the person getting them.
Thank you for your interest in the #WUTT Team, hope you come aboard!!

There are 2 ways you receive notifications from The Wellness Universe platform.

Email Notification – These are notifications sent to your email of all activity happening on this platform. If you do not want to receive these or to manage which ones you receive, follow these instructions below:

1. Go to SETTINGS tab in your member dropdown menu (located under profile picture)
2. Click on EMAIL. You then can check which notifications you would like to receive.

Pop-up Notification – These are notifications that show up in the bell at the top of your page. This notifies you of all the activity that is happening on this platform. Currently, you are not able to turn these off, however, you can manage how you delete them.

1. Click on the bell at the top of your page
2. Check the box that says ‘Notification’ and this will check ALL notifications
3. Scroll to bottom of page and click on dropdown menu that says BULK ACTION
4. Click DELETE and APPLY


Part of your membership benefits as a WU World-Changer is the ability to host webinars on our platform at ‘The Lounge’. Our technology is powered by Learn It Live, however, we are separate from them. If you currently have an instructor account with them and want to be featured as an instructor with WU, you must email them at Support@LearnItLive.com and ask them to move your account over to WU Lounge. If you are brand new to this platform, you can access the application and other info  directly from your account under the tab ‘Host Webinars’

Tutorial for some FAQ’s

How to create a test class and record it. https://youtu.be/oA6gIAF2Wc0
And here is a tutorial for editing your class description https://youtu.be/GP8j6Psk8HE
And here is how to create a multi course class https://youtu.be/VEjJOSaM0LA

If you need further assistance with specific technical questions that are NOT covered in the link above, you can access those below. Please note that ‘some’ of these questions/answers are specific to Learn It Live platform and not ‘The Lounge’ (i.e. first time set up of your instructor account).

Topics and FAQ’s related to Instructors 

Enjoy hosting webinars, classes, support groups, and more!

Part of your membership benefits as a WU World-Changer is the ability to host webinars on our platform at ‘The Lounge’. Our technology is powered by Learn It Live, however, we are separate from them. If you currently have an instructor account with them and want to be featured as an instructor with WU, you must email them at Support@LearnItLive.com and ask them to move your account over to WU Lounge. If you are brand new to this platform, you can access the application and other info  directly from your account under the tab ‘Host Webinars’

If you need further assistance with specific technical questions that are NOT covered in the link above, you can access those below. Please note that ‘some’ of these questions/answers are specific to Learn It Live platform and not ‘The Lounge’ (i.e. first time set up of your instructor account).

Topics and FAQ’s related to Instructors 

Enjoy hosting webinars, classes, support groups, and more!

Attending classes and webinars at The Lounge require you to register as an Instructor or Student at The Lounge

You can attend from your desktop or mobile. To access a LIVE class via mobile, please see this FAQ on Learn it Live: https://learnitlive.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/229316447-Attending-Sessions-from-Your-Mobile-Device

All recording can be viewed on desktop or mobile.

If you would like to be an instructor at The Lounge, see FAQ above.

Please view the WU World-Changer Membership Levels.

Watch this recording of a meeting we had with our members. Access code:   WUVIP125

Each membership level allows certain benefits. We offer Freemium, Premium and Premium Plus.

Yes. All Membership levels (Freemium, Premium & Premium Plus) can private message any other WU World-Changer Member that are one of your ‘connections’.

A WU Friend is a registered user visiting our site to connect with WU World-Changers. Once a WU Friend creates a private profile, they can follow you, message you and comment on your posts.

Please be mindful when interacting with our WU Friends. They are guests in our home and the reason we do the work we do.  We are creating a safe place where true and authentic connections happen.

Earn a Free Upgraded Membership by referring WU World-Changers and WU Friends.

We want to grow our community with the best of the best! Who better than you to spread the word and assist us in building the Epic Resource for Total Well-Being? We can’t think of anyone other than YOU, Stellar WUVIP!

– For EVERY 10 WU Friends referred by you or 5 WU World- Changer Members, you earn 1 free month of upgraded membership! (Free month equal to your current membership status. Freemium members, you get 1 month Premium)

– In our application, the bottom allows for the applicant to fill out exactly where they heard about us. For us to track your referrals, they MUST input your unique code. Create a unique code with a combination of your first and last name and a number.

– Be sure they input your code on their application.  Ex. ‘JaneDoe21’ They can use that code in the ‘referred by’ by or ‘How did you hear about us’

– To refer WU World-Changers use: https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/become-wu-world-changer/
– To refer WU Friends use: https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/become-a-wufriend/

This opportunity is good until further notice. Incentives may change in the future.


Premium and Premium Plus members – Yes, you can private message WU Friends who follow you or a WU Friend who has initiated a message with you.

Freemium Members – No, private messaging is not enabled with WU Friends

Freemium, Premium and Premium Plus Members – you can tag a WU Friend (@username) who is following you on your wall or other public post and they will receive notification.


Navigate to your profile settings to find options to manage which email notifications you would like to receive.

Navigate to your profile to find options to manage your content and images.

Also see video tutorial in FAQ #2 ‘Can you help me set up my profile?’

When you share your profile link, or are searched for in Google and other search engines, manage your SEO under your account settings: Hover over your icon, hover over ‘Profile’, click ‘Edit’ and select purple tab ‘SEO.

Here is a video to help.

All Members: You can post directly to your Wall or to the main WU News Feed. See below for more clarification based on membership levels.

Posts by Freemium Members – Only other WU World-Changers can see your posts on the main WU News Feed. WU Friends and Visitors can see your posts on your wall when they visit your profile. Your posts are not viewable to WU Friends in our main WU News Feed.

Posts by Premium & Premium Plus Members – WU World-Changers, WU Friends and Visitors see your posts in the main WU News Feed as well as your own wall when they visit your profile.

Please post respectfully and use discretion. Do not abuse posting privileges by flooding the News Feed with many posts in a row. Each time you post to YOUR wall, it is posted in the WU News Feed.

The Wellness Universe allows WU World-Changers to use our logo to represent your affiliation with WU. You can use the logo on your social media graphic, memes, on your cover photos, on your website, your newsletter, blog, etc. Be proud you are a member and post the logo where you are represented. Please do not use the logo on products for retail.

See this post in The Scoop to get our logo files.

Click here and watch how to add your logo to images and change the color.

#WUVIP – Wellness Universe Very Inspiring Person/Page

It’s our hashtag so members can easily identify one another. We include it on all of our tweets, as well as when we post on other members Facebook walls, in our social media profile bios and anywhere on social media to identify ourselves.

You are also known as #WUWorldChanger. Please use these hashtags and show your community support for WU and one another.


Having a book launch? Speaking at a televised event? If you have something BIG you want the power of the WU to help boost, let us know! Email us at MembersOnly@TheWellnessUniverse.com Subject: WU to The Rescue and let us know you want to book a WU to The Rescue and we will send you the invoice to be paid upon receipt.

STEP 1 Learn What is Included:

The best way to get influence and for promotion is being talked about. We can all self-promote, but real leverage is created when people talk about us. When you enlist WU through a WU to the Rescue promotion, we share your stellar news on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, on TWU and in our newsletter. That’s not all! Any WUVIP who finds your offer irresistible or just loves to support you, can do so! Creating boatloads of buzz for YOU!

Let’s get you started! Premium and Premium Plus WUVIPs are eligible for this top shelf promotion. You can do multiple promotions a year, but no more than 1 WU to the Rescue per month. IMPORTANT: We need your submission 2-3 weeks prior to the date you want it to be live so we can get WUVIPs on board to support your WU to the Rescue.

If you have a scheduled event planned, book early to reserve your 2 weeks. We will limit the WU to the Rescue promotions we run per week to no more than 2 members in the same week.

WU to the Rescue works for you in multiple ways. First, we let WUVIPs know about your opportunity so they can share it with their fans, following and newsletter as well as TWU sharing it to the public.

Your message amplified and super-charged with the power of WU!

We will run your WU to the Rescue for up to 2 weeks, provided the entire form is filled out and there are 2 weeks until your launch/event. Please plan accordingly!

At minimum, this is what you will receive from WU:

  • We spotlight YOU and your big news. Every WUVIP will know about your WU to The Rescue and can support your promotion. (1X email message to the entire community and reminders go out to all WUVIPs)
  • WU shares your big news!
    • We share your event on our FB pages with link and image. (2X)
    • Tweet your submitted tweets. (1X a day)
    • Post to LinkedIn with link and image. (2X)
    • Post to TWU site (2X) 

Here is an example of a WU to The Rescue

A WU to the Rescue has a per promotion fee of $99 which covers up to 2 weeks of promotion. 

We cannot anticipate or promise the support from the community, however, from past promotions, we typically have several WUVIPs join in the fun to support a fellow WUVIP’s WU to the Rescue.

We reserve the right to change details to this feature at any time without warning.

Suggestions for more success!

  • Make your gift to WUVIPs easily accessible.
  • Do not give email copy that is too long.
  • Do your research and submit tweets that are ‘buzz-worthy’, images that are professional, copy that is polished. You are investing in yourself, put your best foot forward!
  • Do a webinar – it’s free! At The Lounge, have a webinar to talk about your book, launch, project, etc. Interview people involved, etc. Get creative and use the many roads of WU to fortify your journey to success and amplify your message.

STEP 2 To Be Emailed to Us Once You Have Paid:

Let’s Get Rolling with Your WU to the Rescue!

You set the parameters. You select what you want to gift WUVIPs for their support. It can be a free consultation, a copy of your book, a guest pass, a unit of your product, etc.

Please copy and paste the form below into an email to submit exactly what we need to promote you once you have paid for the promotion and payment has been confirmed. Please email us at MembersOnly@TheWellnessUniverse.com

Date for your promotion to begin:


Alternate Email:

What are we promoting for you? i.e. Book, webinar series, product, etc.

In this section, please address the WUVIPs with a personal introduction from you and your gift for their support. Include how they should connect with you to claim your gift.:

Please suggest 3 tweets. Include your twitter handle and #WUVIP. Example: ‘Follow what lights you up and you’ll light up the world’ @rebeccathoughts www.lightisthenewblack.com #LightIsTheNewBlack #WUVIP

Tweet #1 (140 character limit)

Tweet #2 (140 character limit)

Tweet #3 (140 character limit)

Copy for social share on TWU, Facebook & LinkedIn. Include the link to where you wish to have people go. Suggested text WUVIPs will share to promote you: Example – Check out WUVIP Rebecca Campbell! She just released her new book which I highly recommend to anyone seeking a great read if you or someone you know is going through shift or transformation, Light is the New Black is a must read! To get your copy www.lightisthenewblack.com


What should WUVIPs say to their newsletter subscribers? Please put your copy here: (Text box with 3000 characters)

Attach to your email 2 Images for social media posts no larger than 1000 x 1000. Including the WU Logo is optional.

My submission has been proof-read and is accurate. NO changes will be made and if there are any mistakes I acknowledge I am responsible  ________(Mark YES to acknowledge and for WU to accept)




No. We are a platform and while we personally screen every member included on The Wellness Universe, we are strictly a platform for informational and entertainment purposes only. It is your responsibility to use your best judgement upon entering into any conversation, contract or purchasing any product or service through any member of WU. Please refer to our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

Products represented on the featured wellness products page is a benefit of upgraded members who have an affiliate program. To have your product or service posted on the featured Wellness Products page:

  1. You must be a Premium or Premium Plus member with the annual plan.
  2. You must have your product or service set up with an affiliate marketing service. (If you are unfamiliar with affiliate marketing, please research it online and get set up on an affiliate marketing platform of your choice.)
  3. If you have met criteria above, please email us at MembersOnly@TheWellnessUniverse.com

Netiquette is the term used in regards to how information is shared in an ethical manner across the internet. The use of information and imagery is either produced by the individual/company posting or they have right of use of the images/information. Additionally, when images are shared on a platform, the share buttons provided are used.

Typically, unauthorized use of images, information and ideas via downloading and uploading is not practicing netiquette. Please be aware that you have agreed to adhere to community guidelines and respect proper netiquette practices as a WU Member.

Here is a great blog post about proper use of imagery:

Here is a basic introduction to creating content:

Please use the Feedback button at the bottom of our site to submit any issues. Please explain what the issue is in detail. Explain what steps you took to arrive at the glitch you’ve encountered. Please include the following:

  • Operating System & Version (Mac vs PC)
  • Browser Type & Version
  • Screenshots

We can only help if we have all of the details. Please be as accurate as possible. Technical issues can sometimes be complicated so please give us as much information as possible.

Please use our Feedback button at the bottom of the screen.

You may delete your account at any time by navigating to your profile settings and following the “Delete account” link.

If you wish to join again, you must resubmit an application. If you are an upgraded member, your remaining membership will not be refunded. You will no longer receive ‘Members Only’ notifications or emails once you have deleted your account.