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Yittah Lawrence

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A life used to learn, teach & serve is a life well lived

After breaking glass ceilings in business, Yittah left a successful career in business behind her, and moved forward with her life's passion. Founder of Good Morning, It Is a Great Day. Spiritual Reader, Swedish & Remedial Masseuse, Hypnotherapist, avid photographer, & Member of The Wellness Universe, Yittah has run workshops, motivated, inspired, guided and empowered others for over 30 years. She has worked on International Psychic Telephone Lines and at the Internationally known Mind Body Spirit Festival in Sydney, Australia for 10 years, has appeared regularly on television with her weekly segment "The Magic of Life'. Yittah has assisted a wide variety of people in all walks of life from students through to Business people, using her own positive attitude & life experience to develop themselves, and their own inner guidance and confidence.    She became known world wide, with many people seeking her out to assist them with her positive encouragement derived from a genuine desire for others to thrive. Yittah began helping others in her very early 20s working at what was then known as the  Spastic Centre on Penang, Malaysia, a centre that took all children no matter what was wrong, as there was no where else, and assisted them using overseas volunteers.Through the years, she has been involved in multiple projects that assisted others, always taking an interest in not only the welfare but also betterment of people's and animal's lives.  Along with the sustainability of living harmoniously on our wonderful planet.-  My name is Yittah, I created  several pages on Facebook with a view to assisting others to concentrate on the areas of life they most loved and could best thrive through.  Gratitude and Kindness, Food that nourishes, animals and animal welfare being pet projects of mine.

When people are nourished in their body, mind, e,ptopms and soul, they are able to assist others to grow and thrive.

All of my Facebook pages, are intended to inspire and educate, sometimes through fun, those who from time to time need a reminder about where they are headed, how to get through the changes they are going through,  and how to deal with the situations in their lives. working through thier change, whilst getting a glimpse of who I am and who they can be.Livelifefully with Yittah Lawrence

I am grateful for the Divine Inspiration that has led me through life to now. It is my path to help you be the very best you that you can be, and open the way for you to take that into the world, in an ever growing ripple of growth and harmony.Learning and teaching is a never ending cylce for those who want to better their lives and the lives of those around them.

It is always within our power to be the best we each can be.  That comes to us with the gift of life.

Yittah Lawrence

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