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My name is Virginia Warren.  I live on the stunning Mornington Peninsula, south of Melbourne in Australia. My day job is a lawyer. I am a partner in a small general practice. I have also recently qualified as a registered Yoga Teacher with Yoga Australia and I volunteer my time to give the experience of yoga to those who need it most.

I enjoy reading spiritual and metaphysical works and engage in other esoteric type interests such as Angel Card reading and Reiki. I also like doing cartwheels on the beach … when no-one’s looking ?

I have learned a great deal about life through my own interesting experiences. By sharing my experiences and other fascinating things I have learned, I hope to inspire others to take the time to explore who they really are. In doing so I aim to encourage people to understand that each individual is valuable and here for a worthwhile purpose on this planet ~ especially at times when it appears that could not be further from their mind’s truth.

I am living my purpose in this life sharing the message of love.

Virginia Warren

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