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Virginia Warren

endings are beginnings

Having recently experienced the trauma of dealing with my own family law matter, and I use the word trauma in its very real sense, what I actually encountered was the ultimate in self-discovery bootcamp.

As a lawyer, I thought that my 20-something year-long understanding of the law and the legal system would allow me to represent myself. Ha! How wrong was I? Yes, I know the system, the rules that we play by, but when you have opposing counsel, who by all accounts was referred to as a ‘bulldog’ (that’s my long version of the word ‘bully’ by the way LOL), you really learn where your emotional buttons need to be sewn back on.

… and that’s the good part.

When I shifted my perspective, I gained tremendous insight into the value of observing my own reactions. Instead of falling apart at the seams, I understood that it all came down to the choices I made in each step of the process.

Having transitioned that process as a new person, with buttons now securely fastened, I reflected upon my experience and wondered how a non-lawyer feels going through this process without having the ‘insider knowledge’ of the games some lawyers play in order to glean more costs from their client?

I found a solution.

My name is Virginia Warren. I am an Australian collaborative lawyer, self-titled Legal Conflict Alchemist and co-founder of a recently formed organisation known as Lawyers for Love.

I am now using my alchemical skills (transforming ‘lead’ into ‘gold’) honed from my many years working within the family law arena to offer my services as a divorce doula. It’s the way I have decided to move forward ‘practising law’. No, in this platform I am not giving legal advice. That’s the work of a traditional lawyer, and yes, you will need one, hopefully one trained collaboratively.

My recent encounters have led me to discover that there is a way of moving through this system, not feeling depleted by it, but uplifted…

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