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    Please meet #WUWorldChanger ~@CatherineGruener

    From understanding how you became who you are today, to uncovering and removing the obstacles that have gotten in your way, encouragement parenting counseling provides more than a place to put your sorrows.

    The well-being of others is my passion, and through connection, encouragement, and 30 years of clinical and wellness practice, I empower Gifted, Twice-exceptional, Parents, and Adults to connect with there essence and live their best lives.

    Parenting in the 21st century has more challenges than any other time in our history. Not only do we struggle with typical behavioral issues like power struggles and sibling issues, we have to contend with technology, the ever increasing exposure of developmentally inappropriate material or subjects to our children, mass marketing directed at our children that push unhealthy foods and activities, leading to disconnected social interactions, childrens’ problems with socializing, unhealthy bodies and unhealthy minds.

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