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    You are invited to SoulTreat! This is the best retreat of your life to release what holds you back, what limits you and the beliefs that weigh you down. Come immerse yourself for 2 days of total well-being for your mind, body and spirit. Be up close and personal with our community of powerful healers, coaches, teachers & thought leaders who have created a space for you to show up as YOU.

    Today’s Featured SoulTreat Spotlight is: Chrisa Tzortzaki Stratoudakis!
    @chrisat-s will be leading a Minoan Trance Dance workshop!

    Trance dancing and indeed the Trance Dance has been around for many thousands of years. It is practiced by Shamans who use it as a healing tool and its roots are found within a variety of ancient cultures. In this workshop we are going to explore how the ancient civilization of Minoans (Crete, Greece) approached a higher state of self awareness through trance dancing.

    Trance Dance is meditation in motion, the vehicle that takes you from outward to go deep within to explore and be an active participant in that exploration. We use the body as an instrument of the Divine, and we engage in the exploration of our feelings and emotions, aided by music and the breath.

    Simply put, the Trance Dance is the practice of dancing to the beat of a tribal drum allowing the dancer to ‘let go’ and thereby reaching a state where connecting with inner wisdom becomes possible.

    You will experience:

    -A journey through your inner world, bringing compassion and warmth to parts of yourself that may have been pushed aside, hidden, or neglected and provide a safe place for those presences through movement and somatic expression;

    -Explore the balance of self-connection and connection with other, finding your center within partner work and group experience;

    -Develop and deepen your individual practice of self-connection and preparation for connection with others.

    Hope you will join Chrisa and 11 other Wellness Universe expert presenters at SoulTreat 2019 in Sedona, Arizona!

    Register now for The Wellness Universe retreat, SoulTreat 2019!

    When: 4/5/19 – 4/6/19
    Where: Sedona, AZ
    More info & registration: —> https://www.thewellnessuniverse.com/events/soultreat-2019-guests/

    Grab your spot now! Only a few seats remain!

    It’s time to connect to your whole self and finally live the life you’re meant to! Chrisa-High-res

    You are invited to SoulTreat! This is the best retreat of your life to release what holds you back,