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Chrisa assists her clients in achieving improved wellness, increased motivation, self esteem, confidence, creativity, productivity and stress relief. A Tedx Speaker (Tedx Women Drapanos) and a former Political Strategy Advisor, she has extensive experience working with high performing people in high pressure situations and she excels helping women deal with confidence related issues and stress management. As a Certified Consulting Hypnotist and Master NLP Practitioner, Chrisa is the ultimate Mindset Mentor, teaching high performing women to liberate themselves from chronic stress and elevate their mindset so they can live their lives to the fullest. Through her programs, workshops and retreats she guides her audience through powerful experiences that help them face their limiting beliefs, rewire their brains, master their mindset, change their behaviors, have authentic communication, and gain even greater growth and fulfillment.Every Thursday, Chrisa hosts her own video show: The Chrisa Group Show, discussing personal development hot topics. Most nights, you'll find Chrisa at home with a cup of herbal Cretan tea writing about life, love and everything else on her blog:

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