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    Please meet #WUWorldChanger ~@NancyCardinal

    Nancy is her given name, but she goes by the name of Samaria or Dreaming Butterfly Woman. She recently went through a Grandmother ceremony and received the name, Grandmother Who Runs Softly Against The Wind. She is now considered an Elder in training. Samaria is person of indigenous Metis heritage ( Cree and Blackfoot). She is a recognized member of The Metis Association Of Alberta. She was raised with her culture and spirituality by her father who is a Medicine Man. For years as a child, she had a sweat lodge just behind the house and people came every Sunday for ceremony.
    But she lost herself as a person and her spirituality.
    She was always a dancer, at one time a professional. Through that she found a way to commune with the universe again. She found music and moving meditation through ecstatic dance very healing for herself. During that journey she also found Chakradance.
    She sees that everyone has their own spiritual path to follow, but all spirituality and religions are based on love. Her philosophy is simple: have empathy, love, and compassion.

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