Samaria is the owner of Samaria's Mystical Group which is the umbrella company over four of Samaria's subsidiaries.

Samaria's Chakradance 

Samaria's Spiritual Meditative Dance

YYC Samaria's Shamanic Dance

Samaria's Energy Healing In YYC
Nancy is her given name, but she goes by the name of Samaria or Dreaming Butterfly Woman, and is person of indigenous Metis heritage ( Cree and Blackfoot),  and was raised with her culture and spirituality.  For years as a child, she had  a sweat lodge just behind the house and people came every Sunday for ceremony.
But she lost herself as a person and her spirituality.
She was always a dancer, at one time a professional.  Through that she found a way to commune with the universe again.  She found music and moving meditation through ecstatic dance very healing for herself.  During that journey she also found Chakradance.
She sees that everyone has their own spiritual path to follow, but all spirituality and religions are based on love.  Her philosophy is simple: have empathy, love, and compassion.
Along the way Samaria discovered that she was an empath.  For years she was told she was crazy and at many times she believed it.  Now she has embraced that side of her and no longer sees it as a curse.  Because of this beautiful ability she found Pranic Energy Healing. and Reiki. She now uses these energy healing techniques to heal herself and others.

Recently she felt the need to go back to her roots.  During this journey of personal discovery Samaria found Shamanism.  She sees this modality as a way of getting in touch with herself through a journey of healing.

She sees her spirituality now as a fusion of many different philosophies.  She believes all religions, spiritual paths and philosophies have something to contribute in our beautiful world.
Samaria facilitates classes and workshops in the area of Sacred Spiritual Dance, Chakradance, Shamanic Dance, Meditation, Chakras, and Auras.

Samaria wears many hats.  She is a full time Community and Residential Support Worker for individuals with profound physical and mental disabilities.  Her past experience includes addiction counseling and she has also counseled individuals in an institutional setting.

When she is not working her 24 hour shifts in a community home, Samaria finds time to follow her heart.  Which includes the following:

She is a licensed,  fully accredited Chakradance TM facilitator.  Her workshops use ecstatic dance, chakra balancing and healing, music specific to each chakra, Jungian psychology, guided meditation, guided imagery, and mandala art therapy to achieve a healing effect in the participants.

Samaria also does Pranic Energy Healing.  She is a certified Pranic Energy Healer. This no touch healing modality cleanses auras, cleanses, and energizes your chakras using prana (universal life force)  It facilitates healing in the areas you need it most.  This healing medthod can be done in person or over long distances and covers mind, body, and spirit.

Another healing modality that Samaria uses is Reiki.  This is a touch energy healing method that is originally from Japan and uses Ki (life force energy) and specific hand positions to send healing energy to areas of the mind, body, and spirit that need it most. Reiki can be done in person or over long distances.
Samaria facilitates  journeys inward, soulwork, and you go on a journey of personal discovery of your mind, body, and soul.  She is but a guide, but hopefully shows you the path...
With love from my soul,


(Nancy Cardinal)

Awards and Affiliations

Samaria is a member of the International Institute Of Complimentary Therapists

A fully licensed certified Chakradance Facilitator

A certified level 2 Pranic Energy Healer

Reiki Master/Instructor

A member of the Alberta Disability Workers Association

A member of the Calgary Imperial Business Network

Causes and Organizations

I became a vegan because I believe in animal rights and want our planet to be there for our children.

I am a believer in organic, herbal medicine to heal.

I help other individuals who have also fought mental illness and addiction in their life.

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