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Suzie Daggett

soulful musings and mindful reflections on everyday living

Suzie lives and works intuitively and is keen on sharing her life’s heart and soul, ego and mind adventures. She spins grounded real life advice with ageless wisdom. The result? Your life flows, your soul, heart, ego & mind balance, your intuition amps up, life gets easier and kindness is spread to all. She loves all avenues leading to more self-awareness, soulful living, personal growth and inner health.

She is a spiritual author with two books: From Ego to Soul  ~ Discover what your Soul needs...and what your Ego wants... and PEARLS ~ 52 Contemplative Insights. They offer practical life advice and timeless spiritual wisdom from a soul's point of view. She is a Core Blogger with The Wellness Universe and contributing author with 22 others in Soul Activators.

Suzie offers in person and on-line classes and speaks on Intuition and Discover the Interplay of Your Soul & Ego.

Please send me an email for a helpful and soulful free gift:

A former publisher, she created and produced the Insight Healthy Living Directory, and produced Insight Lectures featuring national new thought teachers. She was a newspaper columnist and TV and radio host interviewing many speakers and healers. She is a retired Real Estate Broker whose successful business was built on intuition.

From Ego to Soul  ~ Discover what your Soul needs...and what your Ego wants...

Suzie Daggett

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