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Suresh Devnani

⚜Int'l ♯1 Bestselling Author 🏆Transformation Coach/ Strategist

How do you feel Waking up every Morning? Are you filled with Excitement, dread or constantly feel Bored and Empty, like life has no Meaning? As a child, you dreamed of living an Extraordinary Life. Then you became an adult and started running the rat race; an endless, self-defeating, and pointless pursuit of climbing the corporate ladder, following the entrepreneurial dream, and or simply to live a happy life. There never seems to be a ‘top’ or a 'means to an end', but deep down you have a longing to re-discover that Excitement, and being truly Fulfilled. Maybe you and I share a similar story…I can help you discover the real reason for your hunger. The same that helped me in becoming the best-selling author & allowed me to speak globally in transforming thousands of lives. For years, I had struggled to free myself from a life designed by others. I had no control over my health, self-esteem, relationship with my wife and son - and I felt as if the whole world was against me. I was subsequently diagnosed with clinical depression by our family GP at the age of 24 and surely tried to kill myself multiple times. Are you also seeking a Meaningful connection with something bigger than yourself? One based on inner “Calling.”One that allows you to Thrive in all domains of life:✔ Encourages positive relationships with Family and Friends✔ Improved health and Wellness✔ Deeper Spiritual and intellectual growth✔ More time to follow your hobbies, Passions, and interests✔ Leading a life of Awe, Contentment, and GratitudeThen Can I help you achieve the same? Congratulations, you are about to determine your key to Empowerment and Self-appreciation.My way of paying it forward. As a Kind Gesture of Appreciation, please download my eCD: Living Your Own Dharma, 21 Powerful & Easy to Use Meditation Techniques to Help You Reflect, Reignite, Reinvent from my website;     If I can help you please MESSAGE me to book a free 15-minute discovery session.

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Author of 4   International  ♯1 Bestselling Books

Miserable Millionaire: From Wealth to Depression to Self-Realization

Happiness Centered Business: Igniting Principles of Growing a Sustainable Business

Happiness Reinvented: Igniting Principles of Being the Best You can beHappiness Centered Customers: Secrets of Creating Happy Customers for Life

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Global Goodwill Ambassador (GGA)

Suresh Devnani

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