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Stephen Sapato

The most famous unfamous speaker in America a damn great business coach

A true believer in 'if you will help enough other people get what they want you will get what you want.' I have owned small businesses most of my life. Success and failure experienced. Lessons learned. I learned that most relationships fail because we do not know what a real relationships means.

And most businesses fail because they do not have the knowledge to succeed.

I have written one book on relationships, The Twenty and two on business, Become The Go-To Person and Small Business Riches. I started business coaching specializing in profit management to help EVERY small business create success, happiness, wellth from their business. (Yes, spelled like wellness and wealth).

If you want to succeed. I am the person you need to be connected to. No matter how you define success I can help you get there.

Through my podcast The Happiness Agenda or my website for FREE business building videos.

Yes, let's talk. What do you really want?

Steve Sapato - the most famous unfamous speaker in America and damn great business coach.

Awards and Affiliations

Ranked as one of the top Small Business Coaches to watch in 2017.


Stephen Sapato

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