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Stacey Siekman

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Catalyst for empowering one's ultimate potential through intentional movement and functional core training.

Stacey Siekman is a Certified Life and Intentional Movement Coach, the Owner of Balanced Body Reflections and Author of Coming Out of the Water:  One HEART.  

Stacey is the Founder of the Intentional Movement and Coaching Series: H.I.T. Excellence and the Functional Core Training Programs: “t” Training® and Tiny “t” Training®.  These combined with her competitive athletic background, along with 30+ years of coaching/teaching experience, working as a licensed massage therapist for 17 years, and her extensive fitness and nutritional knowledge, provides her an incredible abundance of wisdom, knowledge, and experience in training individuals to strive for excellence within themselves, reaching their ultimate potential.

A Piece of Stacey’s Story:

March 7, 2004 will forever be engraved into my heart---

“I witnessed my mom taking her very last breath! It was such an amazing gift to see, but a difficult gift to receive. Time seemed to stop, my body numb, my life seemed motionless. Death had taken over outside.  I found myself drowning in a sea of darkness, staring at an image, a reflection, unrecognizable, uncertain, without definition, purpose, or movement.  But at the same time, life was still moving inside.  I had a new life inside of me---a baby, developing, growing; clearly defined with purpose and intentional movement.  An intense emotional struggle took place on the outside, yet there was a strong connection of image, truth, and life on the inside.  As life ended for my mom, life was developing for my daughter, and beginning for me.”

In a single moment, I stood face-to-face with death on the outside, while carrying and experiencing life on the inside.  I was caught at the precise point where the external and internal worlds collide.  I knew I had a decision to make.  I could keep my attention on the darkness and stillness of death on the outside or I could turn my attention to the brightness and movement of life on the inside.   This was not a life defining moment, but a life-creating moment.  My mom’s death breathed life into the development of the Intentional Movement Coaching Series, H.I.T. Excellence and the Functional Core Training Programs, “t” Training® and Tiny “t” Training®

This collision of life and death revealed this profound truth; that life doesn’t happen to us; it happens for us.  It is all about intention; what we see and how we move will directly impact the way we live. 

Intentional Movement is not just about the physical work; it is about the internal deep core work, the HEART work.  HEART work is the HARD work.  Our heart, like my unborn child, is the “life” we carry inside of us.  It needs more than just our attention; it needs our intention; our love, nurture, and support to not just survive, but to live.  This work is not for those who are content to merely exist; it’s for those who want to truly live life with joy, intentionality, and purpose.

Stacey is passionate and committed to teaching and training individuals on how to stay internally connected and balanced in truth when the internal and external worlds collide.  She utilizes intentional movement, coaching, and functional core training to empower and encourage individuals to experience a whole sense of being: physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and nutritionally.  Stacey Siekman is a Certified Life and Intentional Movement Coach who empowers individuals to embrace, train, and live within their own image of greatness!

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Stacey Siekman

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