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Shel Horowitz

Business can make a profit transforming the world
  • Award-winning author of Guerrilla Marketing to Heal the World and other change-the-world books
  • TEDx Talker and international speaker: "Impossible is a Dare!", "Making Green Sexy" and other talks
  • Profitability consultant to green and social change organizations
  • 40+ years experience in both citizen action and marketing
  • Founded the movement that saved a threatened mountain
  • Visit me at - Twitter: @ShelHorowitz
Awards and Affiliations
  • Inducted into the National Environmental Hall of Fame
  • International Platform Association Certified Speaker
  • First business ever to achieve Green America's Gold-Level Green Gain Green Business Certification
  • Seven of my books have won awards and/or been translated and republished in other countries
Causes and Organizations

Healing the planet, safe/clean/renewable energy, profitable green business practices, social justice, advocacy for the disempowered/threatened, nonviolent social change… Founder, Save the Mountain.

Shel Horowitz

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