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I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, psychotherapist, author, and shamanic practitioner devoted to supporting individuals to engage on a journey of emotional, psychological, and spiritual exploration.

From my personal journey and over 30 years working in the mental health field, I understand that the journey to one’s destiny and individual life is like the hero’s journey. The courageous undertaking where the hero must slay the dragons of fear and doubt, heal the wounds of shame and judgment, claim the truth of his or her own soul and step into the life that is his or hers to live.

To help people live their authentic selves, I use a combination of traditional psychotherapy, mindfulness, hypnotherapy, dream work, shamanic healing, and energy work to help people identify and alter beliefs, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, judgments, and painful memories that stand in the way of living their lives. This work allows wounds to heal, helps a person break free from the destructive and unhealthy patterns and moves the person toward a greater sense of emotional and spiritual well-being.

This biopsychospiritual approach addresses the body, mind, and spiritual aspects of a problem and provides a way for individuals to discover and heal the root causes and sensitizing events that are often contributing to or fueling their current problems.  This encourages the potential for a more whole and integrated person to emerge.

Sheldon Shalley

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