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Sharon Joseph has professionally coached people in their personal growth for close to 20 years. She is a Channeler, a Healer, a best-selling Author, a Medium, an Animal Communicator,  a Dna architect, and a Clairvoyant. 

Sharon is a mirror for others to explore and embrace who they are, supporting them as they step into the fullness of their being. Using her astute medical intuition- x-ray vision, she can interpret the language of the body when it comes to ailments and or energetic blocks. She gives down-to-earth tools on how to release these blocks and uses her fast and powerful healing ability to assist in healing. She also uses her clairvoyance, energy interpretation, and her gift as a medium to help one upgrade their awareness and their life. Sharon helps people uncover and focus on what they can accomplish in any area of life, including Personal growth, health, love, relationships, success, and career.

As a citizen of the world, Sharon respects all paths to the One. Her passions include animals, laughing, dancing, travel, meditation, and connecting with like-minded people.

She is currently guiding people to release their old stories on all levels and step into their Joy. She does it through one-on-one sessions, and classes (online and in person), and she also conducts retreats around the world.

Causes and Organizations

Larger-Than-Life ( a kids' cancer organization)/

The White-Lion's Trust.

The Gentle Barn.

Certifications and Credentials

Sharon achieved a Bachelor’s degree in computer science with a minor in business as well as a Ph.D. in Metaphysical Science. She is an ordained minister. She also has various other course certifications.

Sharon Josef

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