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Welcome to the DELIBERATE LIFE!
This is for spiritual people (or seekers) who know they are born for something more than the regular life and who want to wake up every day, knowing they are on track to the best days of their life.

People who want to make the world a more beautiful place, simply because they were here…

People who do not always feel like they belong in any specified spiritual path but long for deep connection with Source and to live an intuitive life.

Hey, I am Rosemary Nonny Knight and I am committed to a vision of 334000 people connected to Source, empowered to live life deliberately and intuitively, making a dent and a difference just by being themselves and doing life with the people they are called to… rather than getting caught up in the norms of the passive life where dreams are buried in favour of just getting by.

We live in a world that needs people like you and I, to truly own who we are, to remember why we are here so that we can change the course of the planet.  It does not need you to be some kind of superhero (unless that is what you are called to be)…
It just needs you to be awake, being all you are born to be, living THE DELIBERATE LIFE!
I will cause you to question religious beliefs, cultural beliefs, your work ethic and it will encourage you to live intuitively and deliberately so that you do create an abundant, fulfilled, freedom life – Ultimately, you will prosper IN ALL AREAS simply because you learn to deliberately design a life where this is possible.

Rosemary Knight

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