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How to become your best self

February 1, 2017 We become our best self by mastering our intuition, claiming our power, creating community, and other key points as noted in this article.

Using past life regression to support planning

February 1, 2017 You can use past life regression to help resolve fears, traumas, and phobias from previous lifetimes, but most people don’t realize they can use it to tap skills and talents from previous lifetimes. If you’re interested in something (energy work, carpentry, astronomy, etc.) you might try a session to discover what you knew about…

Becoming Your Best Self in the New Year

January 26, 2017

No, this isn’t another piece on New Year’s resolutions. It’s on things to think about as you continue to build a wonderful life, to reflect on when the holidays are over and the darkest time of the year is upon us, deep winter. We all want to live the best life possible, at home and…

Winterizing Our Dogs

January 26, 2017

In North America, at least, it’s time to winterize our pets. You’re already doing that, right? So this is just a reminder. These days, most of our dogs (and cats) live indoors with us, but at least the dogs have to get out and about daily (don’t get me started on free-roaming cats). While all…

How Past Life Regression Can Support Your New Year

January 26, 2017

Lisa was interested in training as an energy healer, but was hesitating because she didn’t understand how energy worked, and prospective teachers weren’t satisfying her. She also wanted to have a past life regression session, so when she sat down to do that with me and we talked options, I suggested she might want to…

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