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"When treating someone, or ourselves holistically, we are taking on the sacred task of caring for and nurturing an entire being - body, mind, spirit, and soul" - R. Salvemini

Rina Salvemini is the founder and owner of Path to Well-Being. She is an Herb Specialist, Holistic Educator and Practitioner, Workshop Presenter, Spiritualist Medium and Healer, Lecturer, and accomplished Flutist.

Rina has studied Herbology and natural health for over 15 years. It is her passion to assist those who desire healing in creating a more vibrant and vital quality of life through lifestyle changes, an herbal supplement protocol, and other healing techniques that can include art, music, writing, meditation, and spiritual guidance.

It is Rina's belief that all healing begins in the mind and the most significant understanding anyone can have is the awareness of their own divinity and that their purpose in this life is to experience joy!

To serve our fellow beings is both humbling and an honor.



Rina Salvemini

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