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Rev. Dr. Craig "Ldwain" Nelson Jr

To thrive, be you to be true. Stay blessed and vibe-on!

My works integrate specialized guidance and support on the "what, why and how" of your care, growth and impact. This involves guided meditations, mediums of creative expression, and unique spiritual health practices.

As "A Knight Of Shinning Consciousness", an Alchemist, Author and Spiritual Teacher; ultimately, I guide you without judgement and with sincere compassion. My teachings are from the fields of new-thought, consciousness, alchemy, philosophy, psycho-spiritual therapy, spirituality and interfaith ministry.

Since the age of seven, I have been a conscious apprentice and disciple to the Way of Love, the Truth of Wisdom and the Power of life--facing both its light and dark side--and its mysteries for over 20yrs.

I served in the United States Coast Guard; honorably, later completing my Religious Doctorate of Philosophy, Ordination of an Interfaith Minister and Certified Instruction Program in Alchemy and Hermetic Philosophy.

Rev. Dr. Craig "Ldwain" Nelson Jr

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