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Rachel works with small businesses in the total wellness industry to strengthen marketing practices and improve customer retention rates so they can continue to make the world a healthier place to live.

She's found that business owners with selfless business aspirations such as those in the wellness industry are some of the most passionate, and kind-hearted entrepreneurs on the planet. But this same group of awesome people, unfortunately, has little to no marketing experience.

She's dedicated her career to helping passionate small business owners find and retain more valuable, higher paying customers, build a stronger brand, and stay in business so they can continue to make this world a better place.  All without spending tons of money or time on ad campaigns, social media, or any of that other stuff that no one wants to be doing in the first place.

Because let's face it... You'd much rather be teaching, coaching, and making the world a healthier place to live.

Nutrition, exercise, mindfulness... marketing a healthy world.

If you're looking for help building a marketing strategy or determining how you stand out from your competition, check out the free marketing mini-course, Small Business Clarity. 

Rachel Frederick

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