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Patricia Bird

Healthy Chocolate for Better Health

Patricia discovered the benefits of Healthy Chocolate in late 2016. Having had no chocolate products of any kind for over 11 years because of the bad effects of caffeine on her system, this caffeine-free chocolate sounded too good to be true. However, after reading more information and being encouraged by her Dr. to try it, she began to see and feel the incredible effects herself. She is now passionate about letting others know how it can also help them. From losing weight (by eating chocolate, really?!), to having more energy, a better mood, and no more migraines (!!), she really loves promoting this caffeine-free, high antioxidant, delicious dark chocolate!

Married with one daughter, she also loves seeing the effects the Healthy Chocolate products have on her family, especially her 56 year old husband who now has more energy than he's had in several years.

Patricia is also a self taught web designer, home school's their daughter and participates in voluntary community service several hours a month. She loves to spend time with friends and family, travel, and hike whenever possible.


Patricia Bird

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